Mom Breaks It Down Foreclosure Style

No, you didn't misread, this mom actually raps about her foreclosure. So feast your eyes on this mom making light of a terrible situation by cleverly rapping about her whole foreclosure process. Mom says that she's “sick of these banks taking our homes and pocketing all the money! Here's my story - and I decided to rap it!” Also, you might think this gem is a little outdated, being from 2010 and all, but nothing has changed from then until now in the foreclosure process. In fact, this mom begins with the all too common “knocking on the door” to get served with foreclosure papers, which then lead to asking, almost pleading the bank for a home loan modification (and all the ups and downs and crazy-ness that goes on in that process) , to finally being kicked out of her home. All with some catchy rhymes and some beats. If you have 5 minutes to spare I highly suggest you watch for yourself. Like I said, this is a gem that's both really hilarious yet sadly true. If you want a small pick-me-up, look at how this mom breaks it down with foreclosure. It's a must see. Enjoy!

source: Madel Bermudez, AALS, LLC 2014
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