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Who We Are.

We are a group of professionals specializing in the retention of residential properties. Our goal is to offer an honest service to all owners of property in our community who are experiencing problems in paying the mortgage or that are on the verge of not being able to pay due to a financial difficulty imminent. We are experts in all guides and programs of the government, we have years of experience in the negotiation of loans with banks and we have successfully prosecuted hundreds of changes in mortgage loans.

We are trained to see the "small print" and the use of small dots to achieve great results. Successfully navigate the process of modification of mortgages requires excellent attention to detail from start to finish. Details how to make sure that the information provided is accurate to the bank and in the manner in which has to be presented . Details such as make sure that the information provided in a part of your application is absolutely consistent with similar information provided for in another place so as to ensure that your application is adjusted to the demands (which are often hidden from the borrowers) that the regulators are putting in your bank to grant certain types of modifications on others. The conclusion is that when it comes to your home, the risks are too high to leave it to chance. If you are considering modifying your mortgage, and searches for a permanent solution , the only way to give you the best chance of success is to ensure that people with experience in this process they represent. You do not need a lawyer, but having the right lawyer to represent you in a modification of your mortgage is the only way to have the best chance that it will be passed.

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