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Due to the difficult economic situation, more and more people are falling behind on their mortgage payments. If you are one of those people, you shouldn't feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. On the contrary, you should seriously consider speaking with an attorney who is experienced in Real Estate and Mortgage Loan Modifications to analyse your financial situation. There are many viable tools and resources available for persons facing a foreclosure. A lawyer with experience can tell you what your best options are and help you apply for a loan modification so that you can stay in your home where you belong.

If you are at risk of losing your home due to a foreclosure, a loan modification may be just what you need. This process is basically a change in any of the original terms of your mortgage loan to avoid foreclosure. After an amendment is approved, you will no longer be at risk of foreclosure as long as you continue making your mortgage payments based on the terms of the new modified loan.

Modificación De Prestamos Residenciales

Debido a la difícil situación económica, más y más personas se están quedando atrás en sus pagos hipotecarios. Si usted es una de esas personas, usted no debe sentirse avergonzado o incómodo. Por el contrario, usted debe considerar seriamente hablar con un abogado experimentado en bienes raíces y modificaciónes de préstamo hipotecario acerca de su situación financiera. Hay muchas herramientas viables y recursos disponibles para las personas que enfrentan una ejecución hipotecaria. Un abogado con experiencia le puede informar de sus mejores opciones y ayudarle a solicitar una modificación de préstamo para que pueda permanecer en su casa donde usted pertenece.

Si usted está en riesgo de perder su casa debido a una ejecución hipotecaria, una modificación de préstamo puede ser justo lo que necesita. Este proceso es básicamente un cambio en cualquiera de los términos originales de su préstamo hipotecario para evitar la ejecución hipotecaria. Después de una modificación aprovada, usted ya no va estar bajo la amenaza de una ejecución hipotecaria, siempre y cuando usted continúe haciendo sus pagos de hipoteca en base a los términos del nuevo préstamo modificado.

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  • “At the beginning we were a little skeptical and didn’t have much hope
    since we had already tried a couple places without any results. Before
    being represented by your group my monthly mortgage payment was
    $2,857. After the modification was approved it went down to $1,343. We
    got the results we were looking for” Juan O. East Elmhurst, NY.

    Satisfied Customers
  • “I am glad I made the decision of being represented by you in my loan
    modification. You get clear on the options available since the beginning
    and pulled it off. God bless your team” Juan L., Rosedale, NY.

    Satisfied Customers
  • “I would like to thank the James Clark team for helping me throughout
    the whole modification process and it’s because of them that I got to keep
    my house” Stan C., East Elmhurst, NY

    Satisfied Customers
  • “ We really thank this company for helping us keep our property and we
    are glad to know we can trust them so that we can keep referring friends
    and family to them” Lucy R., Freeport, NY

    Satisfied Customers
  • “I was very happy with the work from your team. You always were on
    top of the case. I highly recommend this group because I felt at peace
    knowing you were the ones helping me retain my property” Napoleon
    B., Woodhaven, NY.

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